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We are a supplier of parts and components to the heavy equipment industry.

Our customers are contractors who rely on having their equipment running so they can make money. Our contribution to having your machine running is two-fold. Having parts and components on the shelf and delivering them on a timely basis to minimize your downtime and, secondly, delivering them at exceptional prices.

Our objective is to make money – we do that by servicing you, so you can make money.

01. Making Money

You need to keep your machines operational and keep repair costs low. That’s why we stock over 15,000 unique parts at competitive prices to get your machines back to work ASAP.

02. Small Purchases

The majority of our customers are conscientious about saving money on big ticket items.

What many of our customers have discovered is the price difference on small consumable items that they purchase everyday adds up to significant savings at the end of the year.

03. Match Nearly Any Part

With over 117,000 unique parts offered, we have the most expansive offering of heavy equipment parts in Canada. We can match by dimension or part number from most major manufacturers.

04. Average Savings.

On average, we can beat original manufacturer’s prices by 30 per cent or better.

We Have A Vested Interest In Getting You Your Parts At A Competitive Price.